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Monday, January 14, 2013

Counting Down to Turning 60

It is over a year since the last post to this blog.  A lot  has happened to me and it will take a while to get everything posted. The big news -  after 18 years, I'm leaving my apartment on Kenyon Street in  Columbia Heights to move to a smaller, more affordable space. The artist's studio apartment emerges as I approach 60th birthday.  As much as I loved living on Kenyon, the space is now too big and cumbersome for one person and I don't want another roommate. I'm tired of the neighborhood congestion and noise. I need something different- a change that allows me to enjoy a different standard of living; one I can truly afford and embrace. 

This week comes the crunch to secure the new digs and start packing. My target move date is president's weekend in February that will be the last three day weekend for a while. Job-wise,  this move is good because if one of my current positions ends I will still be able to afford to live with some level of dignity. I'm saddest about giving up Greg and Kathleen as landlords. They are the best and really supported all my ups and downs. 

The count down to my 60th year is off to a good start. And, spent time looking at the French Impressionists this weekend. Packing to move is creating a rediscovery of my book collection and some great surprises. 

Starting to love being me again.

"My job is to agitate and disturb people. I am not selling bread; I am selling yeast." wall graffiti Paris uprising 1968

 "forse sogniamo quasi abbastanza....perhaps,  we dream nearly enough" annie lanzillotto

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